Dora Petrollino


Name: Dora Petrollino

Position: Sandwich Production

Time in employment: 8 years


  1. Tell us about a normal day for you at Herdsman:

I come in and get ready to get to work making sandwiches by preparing fresh ingredients so that our customers can have the freshest possible sandwiches and rolls.

  1. Who would you:
     Richard Gere 
     Johnny Depp, at the moment… or Malcom Turnbull
  2. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?

A healing power, mainly because there’s too many sicknesses in the world. I lost a friend from cancer and I would like to be able to heal everybody with cancer as well.

  1. If you were sent to live on a deserted island, name three items you would take with you?

Food, a phone, and probably water.

  1. What is your ideal holiday destination?

Europe as we haven’t been back there for about twenty years, and I would like to also explore the other places in Europe as well.

  1. Outside of work I…

Love gardening, cooking, and also do some cleaning. Gardening and cooking are the main things that I love to do… like making Gnocchi for my family and friends.

  1. What is the best thing about working at the Herdsman?

It’s so great! After all the places I worked previously, I never knew that I could work in a place like this. It has such a nice environment and there’s employee happiness and fulfilment. It makes me really appreciate working for the people at the Herdsman because of the respect that they have for their people.