A selection of good food on a platter and bowls

5 Footy Finals Favourites

Boscastle Party Pies

On special this week, $18.89 save $2.10 on a pack of 12. From your traditional beef mince pie, to a more gourmet selection such as Moroccan Lamb or Korma Curry, these won’t last long at your grand final day bash. Grab a bottle of Lillie Q Smokey Memphis BBQ sauce for a match made in heaven.

Cheese Buddy

Owned and operated in Malaga WA, cheese buddy or ‘Pao de Queijo’ is a traditional Brazilian recipe cheese bread made with real cheese. Gluten free and school canteen approved, they make the perfect little snacks to either eat as is, or flattened out and made into halves of a mini slider bun.

Creative Meats Burger Patties

The easiest way to feed everyone for lunch? Grab some fresh rolls from our Breadquarters, a salad from Herdies Kitchen, and a tray or two of Creative Meats home made burger patties. Fire up the BBQ and get lunch done and dusted before the third quarter starts.

New Pizzas

Sometimes the simple flavour combinations are the best.  New Scoozi pizzas available in ‘proscuitto’ or ‘rosemary and parmesan’ are a great starter for the first half of the game. Cut into small squares for bite size snacks. Made with 12 month aged prosciutto for maximum flavour.

Antici Sapori Arancini Balls

These authentic mini arancini balls of yum are easy to heat and eat, just 20 minutes in the oven is all it takes. Send them around the crowd on a platter and watch their faces light up. Best of all, they are hand made locally in Osborne Park. Available in meat, chicken or pesto.