Guest Blog: Perth Munchkin Reviews Meet the Maker March

Guest Blog: Perth Munchkin Reviews Meet the Maker March

The Herdsman is a specialty grocery store in Churchlands and a visit is always a deliciously memorable affair. The way they present their fruit and veg is an exercise in precision, with exact rows of fresh colour alongside the artfully stacked displays of the season’s finest. Then there’s the cheese cabinet! A thing of joy with its vast variety. Plus there’s all the bread (baked in house of course), the enticing display of different meats at the butcher and fresh seafood. Don’t forget, they also have dry goods like tea and coffee and pasta and chocolates…. Needless to say it is a very easy place to fill up a basket, or a trolley actually, given the many, many tempting products they have on offer.

On the last Saturday of each month The Herdsman holds a Meet The Maker event. As if foodies didn’t already flock through their doors, this is another excellent reason to head along!

Enjoy free samples of our latest products and exciting kitchen creations at our free Meet the Maker events!

Held on the last Saturday of each month, these events bring together customers and local businesses, to connect over a shared passion.. food!

At the March event, the fun started a few steps from the entrance with the chance to sample some WA plums, currently in peak season and at their absolute best. I’ll admit I had no idea how many varieties there are, in varying levels of sweetness, so that was educational and delicious. Nearby were some stands featuring dishes made in house, from fresh salads and dips to some indulgent desserts. Was it just me or was it impossible to leave without a serve of the amazing avocado and lime cheesecake once you’d tried it? New biggest fan right here and I love that they make it on the premises! I don’t think I realised they were putting together a lot of the desserts and the majority of their salads and fresh cut fruit and veg themselves. It really ups the freshness factor.

As I continued exploring each aisle, there was more on offer. You could stop to try some local tea, expertly handcrafted by Seven Seas Tea in Margaret River and available in a range of pleasing flavours, some of which can be served either hot or cold, love the versatili-tea…. I mean versatility. Also on the beverage front was Bee Firm NRG, “the natural buzz” energy drink with its delicious honey infused flavour, made with 100% Australian honey. Made with no processed sugars, added caffeine or taurine it provides a healthy alternative energy drink for those on the go.

For the meat lovers, sampling the wares of local artisan producer Poach Pear was always set to be delicious and their range of rillettes, pates and terrines are a tasty addition to any charcuterie board. Whittingtons showcased their 100% natural herbs and spices with a delicate sprinkling of the lamb and BBW seasoning on some sausages. What an inspired way to really lift the flavour profile of the humble snag! Not something I’d thought of doing before, but definitely something I’ll try at a BBQ in my not too distant future. Vegetarians weren’t forgotten either and the patties from CrunchBox were right up their alley and available in a range of flavours, the mushroom one was my pick.

And finally Bottega Rotolo was in attendance and the cheeses were always going to be total crowd pleasers. Plus the charm factor went through the roof when someone with a French accent started explaining the subtleties of French cheese. I was sold and ended up taking a piece of each home!

I would highly recommend pencilling in 11am on April 29th in your diary. The ‘makers’ will vary from month but month, but you are guaranteed to get to speak to some really passionate local producers about what they have grown or created. The chance to try before you buy means you might be introduced to something new and it could well become a favourite! So thanks to The Herdsman for putting these wonderful events on and the makers for their passion and skill.

Carly Rossbach-Smith
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest @perthmunchkin