The Herdsman’s Third Generation

The Herdsman’s Third Generation

An interview with Director of Operations Erin Cerinich

As the fresh face of leadership at The Herdsman, with the support of her family and Herdsman team, Erin Cerinich has hit the ground running.  Being the 3rd generation of this iconic family owned gourmet grocer in Churchlands, she plans to continue the tradition of fresh produce and high quality cuisines. Erin is staying true to the family values and original philosophy that The Herdsman was built on, with a renewed vision of modernising the business.
So who is Erin Cerinich….

What are your earliest memories of The Herdsman?

‘Its not so much one particular memory, it’s more about a feeling that I have. The Herdsman has always been a warm and inviting place and for me.  I grew up here, as a child I would be collected from school along with my sisters and we would come here. The team would swoop in when we arrived and take us to help out with the odd jobs while Mum & Dad finished off for the day.  I would sit in a big crate listening to stories about the orchards and market gardens, ‘the good old days’, while cleaning onions or bagging the apples that had arrived from the growers that day. It was probably around that time that my love for food and The Herdsman began.’

As someone who has never entered The Herdsman before, what can they expect?

‘A food lovers delight! Many of my fondest memories involve food, sitting down with family and friends connecting and creating special memories.  Entering our store is the beginning of that journey. Our aim is to create an experience, a warm and friendly environment.  The array of amazing colours and the sweet aromas that fill the air is something not unlike you would find in the market gardens, I can’t get enough of it.  We have worked tirelessly to find that perfect balance of fresh produce, the finest of culinary selections and specialty lines to excite any foodie. We are proud to house Perth’s best florist, gourmet butcher and fishmonger making us that one stop destination. Our team of dedicated foodies are there to help and will make sure that every person leaves with a trolley full of Perth’s freshest & finest inspirational products.’

What are your top product picks for Christmas?

‘Christmas is my favourite time of year, it’s so special to me. Food is what brings it all together, our store is filled to the brim with really exquisite options for your family gathering. From the farm direct designer flower centrepiece, to my great grandmas traditional pudding and everything in between – we are your one stop shop for everything food that is Christmas. The perfect gift for the foodie in your life, has to be one of our specialty gourmet hampers. Containing our top grocery lines, hand selected and carefully gift packed, they are to delightful to pass up. Check out our website to see examples of the range.’

What have you brought to the business?

‘Herdies has been with me all my life, being 3rd generation, it’s in my blood.  My team and I are always exploring new ideas and flavour combinations through research and cooking tests each week. Nothing reaches the shop floor until we have tasted it.  With increasing competition, we have recently appointed an expert product buyer who is solely dedicated to sourcing unique, local boutique products.  Bringing exclusivity to The Herdsman has added real value to our brand. The team constantly builds lasting relationships with suppliers and loyal customers, so we can listen, learn, and be on top of the latest trends. Our store is an exciting place to be, with numerous new and enticing items hitting our shelves every week. The future of The Herdsman is looking bright!’