Perth Happenings- a review by Mary Ann Smilovitis

Perth Happenings- a review by Mary Ann Smilovitis

The Herdsman Inspiring Food- a review by Mary Ann Smilovitis at Perth Happenings

Do you love food as much as I do? Not just the eating part but the exploring new flavours, the creating new recipes, and the experimenting with traditional recipes to make them with a modern twist? Well its only recently have I realised my foodie passion, maybe it was always there or maybe trying to create meals to satisfy the varying tastes of my household sparked the interest but whatever it was, food is a huge part of my life now. So, when I walked in to The Herdsman, I felt like I had died and gone to foodie heaven, you must visit to truly understand what I mean.

From the minute, you walk through the front doors at this grocery store you are captivated by both sights and smells from all directions. To your right you are greeted by an array of fresh, sweet smelling and brightly coloured flowers in an assortment of bunches to suit your taste and budget. To your left you have the even sweeter smell of caffeine from the in-store coffee bar. The Blah Blah Bar offers not only coffee but an array of pastries, cakes, sweet and savoury muffins, cakes, juices and delicious gelato as well.

You can find all your seasonal produce at The Herdsman along with an extensive range of quality fresh fish, seafood, read to cook meats and poultry. What caught my eye however was the fridge full of cheeses, crackers, cold meats and ready-made salads, it was seriously impressive. Over 400 different cheeses are stocked varying from the simple table selection to ones for the connoisseurs. Convenience is always on my checklist for the festive season, and with the range on display at The Herdsman you are sure to find what you are looking for or at least something just as good.

Did I mention that the staff were welcoming and warm even though I had a toddler in tow who just would not stop talking? They even gave him a stamp to keep him happy. There are also a number of special events and activities in store to celebrate the festive season which you can check out at

So if you are looking for a one stop shop where you will find quality products, good old fashioned customer service and where a place where you will be spoilt for choice, then this store should be on your list to visit.