Gourmet Pumpkins

Gourmet Pumpkins

Autumn brings beautiful gourmet pumpkins which are great for eating and also using as decorations.  There many different varieties available and each have their own uses.

Chirimen: a Japanese Heirloom with dark green skin, maturing to a grey colour.  Creamy yellow on the inside, moist thick flesh which has a sweet nutty flavour.

Delicata: yellow with green stripes, sweet and tasty but also pretty for use as decoration.

Jack be Little: beautiful for individual presentations, sweet and delicious baked or steamed whole.

Spaghetti Squash: Vegetable Spaghetti (aka Vegetable Squash) is the perfect substitute for your pasta dish and has a quarter of the calories.  Scrape a fork across the baked flesh to separate it into pasta-like strands, for loads of yummy ways to use it just as you would use pasta.

White Cloud: dryish flesh, chest-nutty flavour.  To keep moist, eat with a light sauce or butter.  Best cooked steamed.