Catering for your special dietary needs with quality products


Organic foods are highly sought after. Studies have shown that they are not only healthier, but taste better too. Find our certified organic products celebrated in store with a green ticket. By choosing organic, you are supporting sustainable farming which is generally better for the environment. A big win for all.

Gluten Free

Whether you are the one in 70 Australian’s who have coeliac disease, or whether you have decided to embrace the gluten free lifestyle, we have made it easier for you to shop gluten free in store with our yellow shelf labels.  Perhaps you have a gluten free foodie in your life, we have carefully selected premium gluten free products in our gourmet hampers range for the perfect gift.


Our range of vegan friendly meals are full of all the good stuff.  We see more and more people buying vegan and reaping all the health benefits.  Choosing to go plant-based means you need to focus on buying foods that are protein rich, contain iron, have added calcium and contain other essential vitamins and minerals.  We don’t just source these products because they are vegan, we source them because they are vegan and they taste amazing!


Using ideas about food from pre-history and combining them with modern cuisines, the Paleo diet is all about eating natural un-processed wholesome foods.  The emphasis today is on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, grass fed meats and poultry, with a focus on organic.  Healthy fats such as those found in seeds, nuts, avocados and extra virgin olive oil and encouraged.